Oil Production Technical Services

OBAMAX provides oil & gas field operation and maintenance management, heavy oil thermal recovery solution and all kinds of chemicals needed for production during oil/gas field development.

Our operation and maintenance management services for oil & gas exploration includes the repair and inspection/maintenance for oil/gas/water wells. We also maintain and repair storage and transportation stations, power transmission/ distribution stations, combination stations, natural gas processing stations and related facilities.

Service Capability

With years of experience and rich knowledge in oilfield operation & maintenance management, we give our clients the best with our world-class oil production engineer team, maintenance team and management team.

Service Scope

Well station operation & maintenance management
Natural gas processing station maintenance
Operation & maintenance management for power transmission and distribution
Combination station and crude oil transportation station maintenance
Single well, storage & transportation station maintenance

OBAMAX provides steam flooding solutions and steam soaking for heavy oil thermal recovery, as well as supporting equipment & services of insulated pipes,  steam-injection boilers and thermal recovery wellhead units

Service Capability

  • Gas lift Technology
  • Sand control technology
  • Steam soaking, steam flooding technologies
  • Deep heavy oil development
  • Extra/super heavy oil development technology
  • Horizontal well uniform steam injection

OBAMAX chemicals for development, gathering oil production, and transportation.

Acid Fluid Systems

Organic mixed acid, Cross-linked acid, Self-diverting acid, Visco-elastic acid, Emulsified acid, Foam acid, Self-born acid fluid, Multi-Hydrogen acid, Slow-releasing acid, Jellied acid, Conventional acid

Oil Production Chemicals

  • Clay stabilizer (water injection, acidizing)
  • Oil viscosity reducer
  • Profile control agent and water plugging agent
  • Sand control additive
  • Paraffin remover and inhibitor