Drilling & Completion Services

We provide advanced designs, supporting tools and on-site services for cementing, directional drilling and completion services under various geological conditions and technical requirements.

Providing optimized design and support tools for directional drilling, cementing and completion services.

  • Equipment Capability
    We have advanced LWD and MWD instruments, motors and other important directional drilling tools.
  • Technical Strength
    • We provide an accurate well track control with geo steering technology.
    • Our drilling parameter optimization, well path optimization and numerical simulation of drilling parameters are carried out using advanced software in the industry.
    • We also design and carry out technical services for directional well, multilateral well, fishbone-branch horizontal well, horizontal well, cluster well and casing sidetrack drilling.

At OBAMAX limited, we provide standard integrated cementing services, special slurry system design, and additive production to all clients. Our main services include conventional cementing technology for HPHT well, horizontal well, deep well, complicated well, multilateral well, thermal recovery well and lateral well.

Service Capability

Our service trucks have excellent features of a high degree of automation, slurry mixing capacity, and high displacement. With over 4 years of service experience, our team is familiar with offshore and onshore service models and are very skilful with conducting cementing design and services for complex wells.

Technical Strength

  • Special cementing technology.
  • Heavy oil thermal recovery cementing technology.
  • Cementing squeezing & cementing plug technology.
  • ERW and horizontal well cementing technology.
  • Low-pressure loss cementing technology
  • Gas storage cementing technology
  • Conventional cementing technology
  • Deep well HPHT anti-gas channelling cementing technology

Our integrated completion services include different well types and well conditions (HPHT, High-sulfur wells). We also provide exceptional technical services that guarantee the efficient development of oil & gas wells.

Characteristic completion technology

  • CT cutting tool technology
  • CT sand plug multi-stage fracturing service
  • Sand jetting perforating multi-stage fracturing service
  • Staged block gravel filling sand control service

Production Completion Technology

  • HPHT completion technology
  • Gas storage completion technology
  • CO₂ drive completion technology
  • Heavy oil thermal recovery completion technology
  • Testing and completion of integrated technology

Horizontal completion technology

  • CT cementing sliding sleeve multistage fracturing technology
  • CT lower packer multi-stage fracturing technology
  • Ball sliding sleeve multi-stage fracturing technology
  • Easy drill bridge plug soluble bridge plug multi-stage fracturing technology