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OBAMAX Global Services Nigeria Limited is a division of Obax Worldwide Limited, OBAMAX is a leading player in oil and Gas Facilities Operation and Maintenance. Our experience and services go beyond Nigeria and West Africa to the United States of America, Europe, China and the Middle East. Through our extensive experience, OBAMAX has been in the frontline of indigenous Companies in the delivery of world class, first class Oil and Gas Operation and Maintenance services.

OBAMAX was esterblished in the year 2005, excelling in testing and measurement services for onshore and offshore reservoirs / wells, we give dependable answers about: lithology, pay zone, cement job integrity,  fluid contact, petrophysical data, reservoir extent, reservoir deliverability, well productivity, fluid properties and composition, flow rate,  reservoir pressure and temperature, pressure transient, boundary types, permeability, formation damage, flow capacity, mobility, transmissibility, surface facility operating conditions  etc.

Comprehensive Well-Testing

We are a private limited liability company with a growing reputation for delivering top-notch services in the Oil and Gas Industry

We offer a  vast range of  measurement and testing solutions, over the lifecycle of reservoir / wells. We have what it takes to undertake Tubing Conveyed Perforation, Drill Stem Test, Surface Well Testing, Data Analysis and information gathering services; we guarantee  reliable answers about your reservoir deliverability and well productivity. Our goal is to provide high-quality, safe and affordable services that gives you the information and data you need to make  the most of your reservoir system.

Obamax Design of EPF Monitoring Control Room

OBAMAX Global Services Nigeria Limited Operation and Maintenance:

Takes monitoring to a whole new level, having on deck highly trained engineers across all fields to immediately resolve issues arising round the clock. We bring operation reporting to a whole new level.



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